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AmCham Kurdistan purpose is to promote and support U.S. enterprises and individuals doing business in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq as well as firms and businesses executives of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq doing business in the United States. 

Our purpose of forming AmCham Kurdistan is to advance the interests and views of U.S. businesses, to uphold the highest standards of commercial practice, and to interpret the point of view of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to the American business public. Through AmCham Kurdistan, business people of the United States and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq come together and promote their mutual interests.

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Business In Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Region is protected, steady and flourishing region in north-eastern Iraq. The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is honoured with ample water, prolific land and backwoods. Oil and Gas and numerous other energy and mineral assets, fiery petroleum, shocking energy and verifiable destinations that have consistently drawn in guests and are starting to draw in provincial and worldwide travellers indeed. As far as exchange, Kurdistan Region is likewise geologically all around put between the conceivably developing business sectors of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. The KRG is represented by a popularity-based framework. It has a chosen parliament and government. It appreciates free press, free progression of data and open visitors with the expectation of complimentary progression of merchandise and individuals, the Region appreciates additionally harmony and dependability. The per capita pay in the Region in 2014 territories between 5,500 USD and 6,500 USD, which is well over the normal in various adjoining nations and stands to rise considerably with return ordinariness to the remainder of Iraq. Because of uncommon circumstance in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq the monetary development in 2015 and 2016 has recorded some gradualness and hesitance. KRG has a strong change strategy which has a cardinal objective to broaden the economy and increment the kinds of revenue and lessening the costs. The signs are showing the achievement of the new arrangement which has been applied the start of 2016.The Kurdistan Region has been appreciating and keeps on building a steady large scale monetary climate since the downfall of the past system. Exacting money related and financial arrangement discipline is seen which has assisted with settling the swapping scale, the loan fee and expansion. Iraq has additionally figured out how to fabricate a sound monetary save, and is presently modernising its exchange laws groundwork for the enrolment of the WTO and other worldwide associations. The Kurdistan district has been advancing itself as the business passage to Iraq, the Kurdistan Region is secure and politically steady. Any unfamiliar and neighbourhood guest can move anyplace alone and without monitors. The global carriers are getting more usable to begin non-stop trips to Erbil and Sulaymaniyah worldwide air terminals including Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Gulf Air, Turkish Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Qatar, Middle East and Etihad, numerous other worldwide aircrafts are working their trips to the area.

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