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Membership Benefits

In the coming months, we will all see a shift in the business approach to sustaining a business during non-operational periods; that shift will prioritise people and community service to the top of the business plan. How to incorporate that shift is where AmCham can be of help. As a Member, you will have a place to have your views, concerns, and visions heard. When your voice is heard, it creates empowerment to be better; you become a part of the solution. Growing a business takes an unified supportive approach. This Chamber and our Members are here to bring out the best in your business potential.

Contact Benefits

Export-Import trade leads, business, and government contacts

Virtual Events Benefits

Take part in our virtual events featuring U.S. and foreign business leaders and officials, and participate in activities of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

One Stop Information Center

News bulletins, information clearinghouse on trade, investment, commerce, customs duties, tariffs, regulations, and tender alerts

Publication Opportunities

Your publications can be part of our library and reference for our members use

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